About us
Why Ssunaa ALdqaa
Precision Makers provides consultations regarding investment projects, starting from the idea and ending with the delivery of the service or product to the consumer and not only to the beneficiary.

We do not experiment with creating a project that has the possibility of failure. We study and extract the results, analyze and give the final picture while ensuring the highest profitability and the best investment of time and financial resources by extracting the full energies of the cadres working in the institutions that we want to operate or benefit from after training them, and according to the agreement on the specified timetable. And our commitment to it is contractual with the delivery dates Senior cadres and officials of departments and departments are seasoned in their specialties. If you are looking for quick and accurate completion for one time until receiving your project, we are your request.


The reality of our workers in many specializations, projects, and companies inside and outside Iraq, during which we experienced competent personalities and groups for each of the specializations of the current precision makers. We were keen to maintain the relationship with them over many years and had the honor of working with them on many subsequent projects. Professional work side by side with friendship our company seeks to create more of these links with our customers by providing them with excellent services and a value that remains in memory as a bright torch of workmanship, accuracy, and a good reputation for our business